Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Stain glass window executed by Emil Frei of St. Louis. Gift of Mrs. Mary Passbach


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Protection of Children

The Catholic Church has always demonstrated a concern for children. The Diocese of Jackson is committed to ensuring that children served by the church are not at risk of sexual abuse by the Church personnel.

Diocesan policies and procedures currently in place seek to protect, enhance and, in some cases, restore the trust that our faith calls for between agents of the Church and the children and adolescents entrusted to our care. … Continue reading

A Celtic Adventure to England, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Hosted by Father O'Conner

10 Day Air & Land Package: Monday July 8th – Thursday July 18th 2019

July 8th will be a travel day – first day in England will be July 9th
More information on the tour

Reflecting on five years as bishop

By Bishop Joseph Kopacz

On February 6, I quietly marked the fifth anniversary of my ordination and installation as the 11th bishop of the Diocese of Jackson. As we know some days never end, but a decade can pass in the twinkling of an eye. (1Cor 15) For me the past five years are officially history, having moved at the speed of a weaver’s shuttle, (Job 7,6). … Continue reading

Invasion Of Grace, Confession Of Sin, Acceptance Of Mission

By Bishop Robert Barron – February 10, 2019

Ordinary Time – Week 5
There is a wonderful parallel between our first reading and the Gospel this week. The first reading is taken from the sixth chapter of the book of the prophet Isaiah, and it has to do with the call of Isaiah; and the Gospel is from the fifth chapter of Luke, and it deals with the call of the first disciples of Jesus. Both stories, in remarkably similar ways, lay out the essential dynamics of the spiritual life.

Listen to the AUDIO Bishop Robert Barron Word on Fire

Bishop Barron on Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris

Over the Christmas break, I spent a fair amount of time binge-watching Jordan Peterson videos. Of the many Peterson videos, the ones that intrigued me the most featured his dialogues with Sam Harris, one of the “four horsemen of the new atheism” and perhaps the most strident critic of religion on the scene today.

Ron Rolheiser, OMI

Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is President of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. He is a community-builder, lecturer, and writer. His books are popular throughout the English-speaking world and have now been translated into many languages. His weekly column is carried by more than 80 newspapers worldwide. Prior to this present position, he taught theology and philosophy at Newman Theological College in Edmonton, Alberta, for 16 years, served as Provincial Superior of his Oblate Province for six years, and served on the General Council for the Oblates in Rome for six years. Fr. Ron Rolheiser's column

Catholic Diocese of Jackson - Bishop R.O. Gerow Collection

Natchez, Chaplains of Camp Shelby;1941 photograph from the Bishop R. O. Gerow Collection. Chaplains Westendorf, McMahon, Sullivan and McDonnell with Bishop Gerow and Msgr. Brunini in Natchez, MS. View image

Catechism of The Catholic Church

We begin our profession of faith by saying: I believe or We believe. Before expounding the Church’s faith, as confessed in the Creed, celebrated in the liturgy, and lived in observance of God’s commandments and in prayer, we must first ask what “to believe” means. Faith is man’s response to God, who reveals himself and gives himself to man, at the same time bringing man a superabundant light as he searches for the ultimate meaning of his life. Thus we shall consider first that search ( Chapter One ), then the divine Revelation by which God comes to meet man ( Chapter Two ), and finally the response of faith ( Chapter Three ). New, easy-to-navigate format

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It often happens that I wake at night and begin
to think about a serious problem and decide I
must tell the Pope about it. Then I wake up
completely and remember that I am the Pope.
– Pope John XXIII

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A corbel head in St. Mary Basilica, just one of many.

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