What is the purpose of a Catholic Funeral?

The Catholic funeral differs in many ways from a funeral in the secular world. While non- Catholics use funerals as opportunities to celebrate the life of the deceased, in a Catholic funeral the Church fulfills the spiritual work of mercy to pray for the dead. We know in faith that our earthly life is not the end, but is merely a preparation for eternal life — a life which we hope to share with Christ Jesus the Lord. For this reason, we have a duty to our deceased loved ones to pray for them and beg for the mercy of God, that all their sins will be forgiven and washed away, and that they will be raised to the eternal joy of heaven.

The elements chosen for a Catholic funeral reflect our belief and aid us by encouraging us to pray for our deceased loved one. The options given below are provided as a guide in selecting appropriate texts for the Catholic funeral Mass.

Planning a funeral at St. Mary BasilicaContinue reading and download the planning document.

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