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Celebrations of the Word for Holy Week 2020 For Households and Families

Due to the COVID-19 crises which has prevented the faithful from participating at the Holy Week liturgies in their parishes, these sample prayer services have been adapted from various texts and rituals of Holy Week to allow households the opportunity to celebrate with the Church these sacred days of the year. They are note intended to replace the liturgies if available, or the Church’s Liturgy of the Hours when the faithful have the ability and access to participate. … View or download



While all Masses are closed to the public until further notice, Father Scott and Father Mark will live stream the 10:00 a.m. Holy Mass on the St. Mary Basilica FaceBook page and Please join in each Sunday!

Also, our priests will offer the Sunday Mass for the intentions of our parishioners and will offer a Mass each day for the intentions listed on the back inside page of the bulletin.


New Public Health Concerns Page – Coronavirus

Due to the public health concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), the diocese has a Public Health Concerns page that we will update as more information becomes available. Please visit and see the directives concerning the coronavirus from Bishop Joseph Kopacz.



During this Coronavirus pandemic, we ask our parishioners to remember to send in their regular donations to help with our parish’s weekly operating costs (either mail to 107 S. Union St., Natchez, MS 39120 or use the drop box by the Rectory front door.)

We now have online giving, with the assistance of ParishSOFT’s Church Management Software

The church office remains open, but please try to handle all business by telephone (601.445.5616) or Email. We pray that everyone stays healthy during this difficult time.

Parochial Vicar

Father Mark Schoffner

Parochial Vicar's Corner Father Mark Schoffner

March 29, 2020

When you read the readings this week, they’ve clearly got an overarching theme of life overcoming death. Ezekiel prophesies that the Lord would have the people rising from their graves and that his Spirit will give them life. Paul, in addressing the Romans, speaks of being alive in the Spirit of God, that is if the Spirit is dwelling in our life. And then there is the familiar story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The plea of the sisters begging for life for their brother and Jesus reiterating that he is ‘life’ itself, and that if they trust, and believe, that Jesus will overcome death.

A lot of us feel like we’re being hemmed in and that our way of life has taken a turn for the worse, so to say. And yes, we have had to experience many little deaths this Lent. No public Masses, no gatherings, no school in person, no friendly gatherings, shops shuttered, work curtailed, all little deaths. In them though is the seed of life. There is the promise in our faith that life overcomes death, and there is too within our spirit the promise that things will come back alive. Christ Jesus calls all to life, and he comes that we have it more abundantly. A life that is focused and examined, one that is full and intentional. Intent on doing the will of God, and avoiding sin so as to live as we’ve been called to by God. That’s the Gospel summed up.

And, for all it’s stresses and difficulties, this virus is serving a purpose too. When we gather once again without the threat of disease, will we go back to the old normal? Will it just be a tireless run of school assignments, social gathers, and sporting events? If we don’t cherish every moment, and every hug and handshake, every Sunday Mass, and those little league games, then have we really grown or did we waste this opportunity for grace? Pray as we continue through this struggle that we can all come out on the other side of this more grateful, more loving of life, and converted to not only enjoy the daily things of life, but converted in our hearts and minds of God.

Fr. Scott and Fr. Mark plan to trade months in offering
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