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Pastor's Corner

Father Scott Thomas

Pastor's Corner Father Scott Thomas

August 30, 2020

I met with our parish commission chairpersons Tuesday night. While many of our beloved activities, such as our Wednesday night dinners, are still on hold because of the pandemic, our catechetical and social ministries will be getting back; and that is exciting to see! My next step is to reach out to our Pastoral Council to see what will be the best way to get it meeting again safely and effectively.

The Pastoral Council exists to assist the Pastor in effectively pastoring the flock that Christ and his bishop have given him. While Canon Law technically does not require a Pastoral Council, I see great value in it as the members can give me insight into who is being ministered to and who is being neglected.

One major change being made to the Pastoral Council, though, deals with the administration of our parish finances. Up until now, it seems, the Finance Council has been viewed as just another commission of our Pastoral Council. However, the Finance Council is actually required by Canon Law as its own separate council. Canon 537 states, “In each parish there is to be a finance council... in which the Christian faithful... are to assist the pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish.” The Finance Council exists to hold the pastor accountable in his care for the temporal goods of the parish and his use of parish funds. It is the Finance Council that oversees and approves (or prevents) the spending of parish money.

Therefore, the Building and Maintenance Commission will from now on report to the parish Finance Council since, as Canon Law states, it is the Finance Council that oversee the facilities of the parish, contracts, and major spending. Under Church law (at least since 1983), the Pastoral Council has never had that authority. This will help make the Finance Council more proactive as opposed to the reactive role it had when I arrived.

The Finance Council will still have a presence on the Pastoral Council in order to make sure that our commissions understand the financial state of our parish and to aid them in making proper budgets. I believe setting things up as Church law says, to help us stay on solid financial footing while still ministering to everyone, is the most effective way possible.

Fr. Scott and Fr. Mark plan to trade months in offering a weekly reflection or catechesis in our future bulletins. Be sure to check out what they have to share!

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