Parish Membership

We are so happy that you are interested in registering with our parish!

We encourage all baptized Catholics who live within the parish boundaries of St Mary Basilica, or who call St Mary home, to formally register with us. Technically, you do not have to fill out a form to be a member of our parish community. According to Canon Law, anyone who lives within our territorial boundaries automatically belongs to us. That means that our pastor is spiritually responsible for everyone living within our territorial boundaries, whether they formally register or not.

Registering with us by using the form given below will help us to better serve you and your spiritual needs! If you are not receiving weekly contribution envelopes, then chances are you are not formally registered. It is the hope and prayer of the pastor and parish leadership that every baptized Catholic—whether active or not active up to this point—can be helped to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, progressing on their journey to eternal salvation.

Canon Law does not stipulate that you must live within a parish’s territorial boundaries for a certain length of time in order to enjoy the spiritual benefits of that parish. But sometimes you might hear the term “active member”. An “active member” of a parish is typically someone who is formally registered in the parish, assists at Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, and contributes somehow to the life of the parish (either financially or actively by volunteering for some ministry or both).

New Member Registration and Information Packet
Download the registration and information packet.

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